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The First SMART SWING GATE solution

Versatile. Virtuosic. Visionary – the V-Series SMART is here to revolutionise swing gate automation. These operators’ sleek and sturdy design adds an attractive streamlined look to your property, while quick and easy commissioning using an intuitive mobile app makes setup and configuration a breeze for installers. The V-Series SMART offers a wide range of innovative features, putting you in control of your gate’s functionality like never before.

Main features:

  • Powered by award-winning SMART technology – effortless control and intelligent automation at your fingertips
  • Time-proven battery-driven technology – ready for any power outage
  • The perfect blend of style and substance
  • Heavy-duty security – tough die-cast aluminium armour and powerful piston-driven operation
  • An all-encompassing range of features lets you configure your gate to match your needs
  • Low-profile, in-line design enhances aesthetic appeal
  • High push-force for outstanding reliability and performance
  • Revolutionary braking system for secure locking
  • Rapid and precisely-controlled opening and closing
  • Control your gate from your phone with the MyCentsys Remote app – store your preferences and navigate your gate’s operation with ease, enjoying matchless flexibility and convenience
  • All-weather construction
  • Sensitive obstruction detection for your peace of mind